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2020 SDF YoungAmbassador

Project Purpose

Objects that Contain Designers’ Sensibilities & Philosophies

What is the value of objects we should pay attention to in a modern society surrounded by all kinds of convenient and fancy objects?

This project began with this question, aiming to solve this with the youthfulness and vivid ideas that only young designers have.

The 2021 Busan Design Week will showcase the works of young designers who have constantly explored and developed since the 2020 Seoul Design Festival.
It will showcase the development of the young designers through their previous and new works, as well as become a space for introducing and communicating their unrefined free thinking and capabilities to the world.


Spring-Out, the Birth of Objects with the New Life of the Young Designers

We are sharing the stories of the diverse young designers under the theme of ‘Spring Out.’
People have longed for new stimulation within existing principles and uniformed tastes of the dreary modern society.
We would like to allow people to meet the diversity that they have in their hearts through new objects born through the fresh perspective of the young designers.
We hope that visitors will face a new life force that has suddenly appeared but has existed in their hearts through the newly emerged objects of the young designers.


  • HyeIn, Kim

  • KyungMoon, Min

  • JeongEun, Lee

  • JuYun, Lee

  • ChaeYoung, Lee

  • HyungJun, Lee

  • EunSil, Ji

  • DaYoung Hwang